Monday, March 20, 2017

Education & Money; The Correlation

⚀ A college degree is more important compared than a few decades earlier because from the 40's to the 60's, high school graduates that did not go to college's annual earnings average decreased, while those who did continue on to college averages increased.

⚁ Grades are linked to average annual earnings in adulthood. The higher your GPA in high school, the more you earn annually.

⚂ The correlation between high school grades and overall education attainment was strongest for minorities, specifically African American and Hispanic men. That may be due to the fact that they are more motivated than their white counterparts because the white population has more handed to them while minority populations have to work for those things that are handed to them. But on the flip side of education attainment, the correlation of higher grades and higher earnings was not there for African American men, the cause of which is not defined but it may be due to the lack of opportunities for minorities. This article elaborates on the unequal opportunities for minorities in the US.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Military School

⚀ The reason for its growth in attendance is probably due to the fact that the program that they're using claims to have a 95 percent college attendance rate. Which, compared to the National average (as of last year) is only 46%, and that's only including the students who actually graduate high school, is amazing. (Wong link) Also, parents see the potential in the school's program, low-income families may see this as a way for their children to become motivated and more successful, low-income students make up 82% of the school's population.

⚁ The purpose of this article is to inform. It's a news article to inform about different types of schooling, specifically running a school like the military. It explains the benefits of this type of schooling and how it impacts students after they graduate.

⚂ Student responsibility is so important because you have to learn to be responsible to be successful in life. You have to be independent and capable of getting what needs to get done, done. If you're irresponsible, you (most-likely) will not be able to keep a job and you definitely won't be getting a successful one. South Haven tries to motivate students to be responsible with RAM perks and reprimands if you're being irresponsible but those don't really motivate students to be responsible. Or it doesn't motivate me to do any more than I already expected of myself when I walked through the doors. I don't think the school can do much to really create student responsibility, I think it has to come from the student. You have to be motivated to get your work done. You have to be motivated to be in class on time, to study, to control yourself. And, honestly, schools have never really been the best at motivating students. For example, there are plenty of people in this school I'd like to fight. But I know I won't be able to exempt from exams if I get suspended, not what Mr. Thorne tells me when I get sent to the office. That is one way I motivate myself to be responsible. Student responsibility should be taught at a younger level, so they come into the highschool motivated to be responsible.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Social Media

⚀ I do agree that to some extent social media should be taken into account because it is your public presence, and you will be representing your school. But, at the same time, people have private accounts that they don't use as a public presence, which I do not think should be taken into account. What you do with your friends and family shouldn't influence if you can go to college (with the exception of it being illegal), unless you are putting it on a public platform.

⚁ I completely agree with this observation. More people care about being liked and how they're perceived than how they actually are. People want to appear intelligent, but do not want to educate themselves. They want to be seen as beautiful but don't think of themselves as beautiful. They want to appear to be a good person but only do good deeds when someone else is watching. People don't actually care about how they act or treat people but how people see them, especially on social media. Here's an article about the different personas of social media and real life.

⚂ Highschools mimic this by "monitoring" our social media. They don't actually monitor our social media, but they are aware of it and if something is reported they do choose to punish students for bad behavior on social media, to some extent.  This prepares students for future schooling and jobs because you can get fired because of a post on social media and you can lose a scholarship because you wanted to look cool to your friends on twitter. Now you're cool and have to pay thousands of dollars in student loans.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

⚀ The total rent would be $427 per month, so I'd have to pay $213.50 each month.

⚁A. My phone bill currently is $30 per month
B. Assuming I get my mom's old car as my graduation gift, I'd get a Nissan Xterra, which gets approximately 19 miles per gallon. And the fuel tank holds about 21 gallons, so I'd get 399 miles for each full tank. 
C. To fill up my tank would be about $47.25, and assuming I work locally, that could last me about a week, so each month I'd spend about $204.75
D. Car insurance $70 per month
E. Health Insurance (parents plan)
F. Electric bill is $110, if I split with my roomie, it's $55. 
G. Average gas bill is $65, if I split, I'd pay $32.50 each month. 
H. Oil Change: $45 
I. Milk: 1.38, Fruit: $10, $5 black beans, $3 carrots, $2 ground beef
J. No internet, cable or videogames, if I'm living paycheck to paycheck I definitely don't need to playing games, I need to focus on getting out of that situation. 
K.Toothpaste: $1, Toothbrush: $1, Shampoo: $2, Conditioner: $1,

⚂It could be stressful living paycheck to paycheck because you barely have any lenience to buy "luxuries" and if you get hurt or something, you won't have money to go to the hospital. If something happens to cost more, you may not be able to afford it. It's important to have a skill others value so you can make more money and be successful. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Career Path

⚀A career path that interests me is being a tattoo artist. The creative aspects and that it's a more "laid-back" schedule, due to the fact it's by appointments. My attributes that would be helpful for this career are that I'm creative and I love to draw.

⚁ To be a tattoo artist you don't need to go to college. Although, you do have to apprentice for a couple years. But I want to own my own business, so an associates in business would be helpful. Here's an option for me to get that degree.

⚂ The average income for a tattoo artist is 32,000 per year, but the better business you generate and the better your artwork is, the amount you earn goes up. There are tattoo artists that you actually have to interview for a tattoo.

Monday, February 13, 2017


⚀ This article ties into our last unit because it shows how advertisement works within markets and what works the best. We argued which hook works the best and Nike works the best. But Nike doesn't need our persuasive hooks, they basically created their own market and advertisement style.  Nike basically eliminated competition by completely changing the game.

⚁ Secondary Market and Retail Market are the two markets Nike sells to. The Retail Market would be stores like Foot Locker and Finishline. The Secondary Market would be collectors reselling collectible shoes.

⚂ If there was a stock market of things I would buy artwork. Such as paintings and sculptures. Here's a website that sells artwork.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Nonfiction II

⚀My article from my blog last week was a news article.

⚁The text-structure was compare and contrast, and description. It describes the joint claim two senators made and it compares that to how some people are choosing to support Trump's ban.

⚂None of these new gadgets interest me due to the fact that I don't want to be any more technologically connected than I already am. Technology is taking over our lives and the result of this is we're living less. We are going out less and social media is defining things like how to love and how to see other people. Some people are more worried how they appear on social media than how they treat others. Social media affects body image very negatively. I don't see the benefits of being so dependent on technology. I don't want to live my life behind a screen nor do I want to raise my children behind a screen. Here's an article about how Social Media negatively affects body image.