Monday, February 20, 2017

Career Path

⚀A career path that interests me is being a tattoo artist. The creative aspects and that it's a more "laid-back" schedule, due to the fact it's by appointments. My attributes that would be helpful for this career are that I'm creative and I love to draw.

⚁ To be a tattoo artist you don't need to go to college. Although, you do have to apprentice for a couple years. But I want to own my own business, so an associates in business would be helpful. Here's an option for me to get that degree.

⚂ The average income for a tattoo artist is 32,000 per year, but the better business you generate and the better your artwork is, the amount you earn goes up. There are tattoo artists that you actually have to interview for a tattoo.

Monday, February 13, 2017


⚀ This article ties into our last unit because it shows how advertisement works within markets and what works the best. We argued which hook works the best and Nike works the best. But Nike doesn't need our persuasive hooks, they basically created their own market and advertisement style.  Nike basically eliminated competition by completely changing the game.

⚁ Secondary Market and Retail Market are the two markets Nike sells to. The Retail Market would be stores like Foot Locker and Finishline. The Secondary Market would be collectors reselling collectible shoes.

⚂ If there was a stock market of things I would buy artwork. Such as paintings and sculptures. Here's a website that sells artwork.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Nonfiction II

⚀My article from my blog last week was a news article.

⚁The text-structure was compare and contrast, and description. It describes the joint claim two senators made and it compares that to how some people are choosing to support Trump's ban.

⚂None of these new gadgets interest me due to the fact that I don't want to be any more technologically connected than I already am. Technology is taking over our lives and the result of this is we're living less. We are going out less and social media is defining things like how to love and how to see other people. Some people are more worried how they appear on social media than how they treat others. Social media affects body image very negatively. I don't see the benefits of being so dependent on technology. I don't want to live my life behind a screen nor do I want to raise my children behind a screen. Here's an article about how Social Media negatively affects body image.

Monday, January 30, 2017


⚀Nonfiction is text that is based upon true things, like facts and past occurrences. An example of nonfiction text is biographies and textbooks.

⚁As we get older we read more and more nonfiction. I think that if we read it and are exposed to it, we need to know how to dissect it so we can understand it. We aren't going to need to read fiction in the real world,, but we are going to need to be able to comprehend nonfiction text.

⚂ Here is an article that is an example of nonfiction text. It is explaining how controversial Trump's decisions are and how people are opposing him, including his fellow Republicans. I picked this article because I like the magazine and the article is linked to my interests.

Monday, January 23, 2017


 ⚀Teachers are a vital part of a student's learning. If a student doesn't understand multiplication, the teacher can explain multiplication to the student in a different way. If the student is taking a course online about multiplication, and they don't understand, the course will continue, and the student will not succeed. Each student learns differently and online courses usually only can teach one way. Online classes are adaptive, not interactive, meaning that if you get an answer right, they'll make the next more difficult, or if you get it wrong, they'll maintain the same difficulty level, or go to an easier one. But, if you don't understand what is being asked or taught, you need interaction. Also, relationship building is an important piece to becoming a functional adult. Students need to learn how to interact with people they don't like, and working with a difficult teacher is a great way to learn. Students also need a teacher to help them regulate the course. For example, if you're 10% through an online class, and its halfway through the school year, you need to catch up. Having a teacher will make sure that you are keeping up with the class  Online courses are worse than traditional courses with a teacher.

  ⚁Neither Romeo nor Paris are good husbands for Juliet. Romeo and Juliet just met each other and barely know each other. Evidence of this in the play is when Friar tells Romeo that Romeo falls in love too easily (Act 2).  Paris and Juliet may know each other, but not very well. A husband who if forced upon you by your parents is not a good husband, especially if the only reason they are agreeing to marry the daughter is more of a business deal than a love affair. Paris would be a better business partner for Juliet. Romeo and Juliet should at least court each other before they decide to get married. Romeo and Paris are not husband material, not even close.

  ⚂Memoirs and narratives tell stories. Stories often have a lesson. You can learn from others experience or a story can open your eyes to a different perspective. Memoirs and narratives can be an educational read, even if it's not necessarily educational. Meaning that you can learn from it, even if it doesn't teach or talk about what you're learning in school. Memoirs and narratives are an abstract way of learning.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Perceived Value

  Fredrick the Great changed the perceived value of potatoes in Prussia by making them exclusive to the royal family. He made it seem like when you got a potato you were getting your hands on something of amazing value, because "if something is worth guarding, it's worth stealing" Ataturk did the exact opposite of Fredrick the Great, he made something desirable very undesirable. He made it so if you were wearing the veil, you could be assumed to be a prostitute, due to the fact prostitutes were required to wear them, and of course, women did not want to be compared to prostitutes.

  His idea falls under perceived value because it does not change anything about the actual train ride or the train. Rory's idea with the supermodels does not actually affect the train, but it would make it more attractive to ride.

  Changing peoples perspective is much more effective than changing the reality. This is so because you could completely change the actual product but if the public does not see it any different or better, it won't affect the sales of the product. For example, if I want to do something or go somewhere, I'll offer to my mom, "I'll clean the bathroom and scrub the floor" but the gag is, I was going to scrub the floor when I cleaned the bathroom regardless if she said yes, but now that it seems as if I am offering more, 8 times out of ten I'll be able to go. So, the actual value is less important than how it is perceived, an iron ring could sell for more than a gold or silver ring if someone thought iron was more valuable than gold or silver.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

ADs & Surveys

   I find them semi-reliable. You can manipulate the question so someone will answer in your favor, and you can manipulate how you present it to your audience. But a survey does to some extent show what people think.

  I haven't struggled with much throughout this argument unit. Maybe that's because I like to argue. The thing  I probably struggled most with was finding ads that met a specific standard, such as a specific value or hook. Which itself wasn't very difficult, but I was absent the day that we did that, so I had to catch up up the next day and do two days work at once.

  This link shows an ad that uses celebrity appeal, repetition, and brand value. It shows Rihanna ❤, which is celebrity appeal,  it uses the same picture three times, which is repetition, and the "MAC" stamp is shown on the ad, which is brand value.